Privacy Statement

The Fluid Industry Group consists of three companies,  S.A. DOEDIJNS FLUID INDUSTRY (B), S.A.R.L. DABOMPRE ENGINEERING (L)                                                                                    and FLUID INDUSTRY TIANJIN HYDRAULIC MACHINERY Co L.T.D. (CN).

The Fluid Industry Group respects the privacy of visitors to its website and undertakes to protect their personal data. This privacy statement aims to clarify how personal data is collected on this website. When visitors enter their personal data on this website, they enter into an agreement under which they consent to these data being collected and used as defined in this privacy statement. 

• The Fluid Industry Group collects personal identity information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address etc).
• The Fluid Industry Group also collects anonymous information (total number of visits to the website, number of visitors to each page of the website, domain names of visitors' internet service providers, IP addresses, cookies etc.).
• The Fluid Industry Group uses the data relating to the visitors to this website for administration purposes, to promote its products and services and to compile website usage statistics. 

The way in which the Fluid Industry Group collects and uses personal data through this website is regulated:

• by Belgian legislation, more specifially by the Act of the 8th December 1992 and the Royal end of the 13th of February and has been declared to the Private commission. 
• by Luxembourg legislation, more specifially by the Act of 2nd August 2002 and has been declared to the National Commission for Data Protection

The Fluid Industry Groupe reserves the right to amend this privacy statement and recommends that visitors consult it regularly in order to be aware of changes.

If you would prefer the Fluid Industry Group not to use your personal data, click here